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Here you will find a range of authors - what our readers say about our books is important.
Another Love
Action Series
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10 Dec 2022
Treasured this book - so much life and love in the pages. A truly inspiring work of captured reality. Ian Hill
03 Dec 2022
What a triumph! Last night I finished your stunning work. Stupendous! Congratulations and may you sell many to lucky readers. Renee
08 Jun 2022
Well what an amazing read. Love conquers all. I found myself envious of the depth of caring, understanding and patience between them. A beautiful enthralling read one hard to put down. Congratulations Anne. Christine Richardson
10 Apr 2022
I have read your poignant book. I could not put it down it was so beautifully written and tears flowed often. Therefore, my sincere congratulations to you. I must say I found the autobiography of your marriage based on love, compassion, respect and honest communication absolutely outstanding and thought provoking. Wanda Horky OAM
02 Feb 2022
Another Love is enthralling from start to finish. If you are looking for a book worthy of being captured on film, or a stimulating inclusion into book clubs, this will guarantee to inspire discussion. Or if you may simply want to snuggle down under the covers with a read that will leave you spiralling through emotions, then I recommend Another Love. I found the book not only emotional, bursting with love and devotion, but full of drama with cultural explorations. Overall, the book was a beautiful lesson in selflessness and prioritising what matters in life. Sherryl Charley - Singleton Library
31 Jan 2022
This is a love story that endures through decades, the heat of passion, pain , sacrifice, and finally the endurance of human spirit. Within its chapters are many layers that keeps the reader glued and at times dismayed, sad, happy and sometimes all three at once. A life fully lived through the experiences of two cultures so different. And yet at the end the reader is left to ponder alone as to how this tale affects their own life. Many tastes and feelings await any reader. It is a must. John Nemesh
05 Nov 2021
Real life can be more remarkable than fiction. I loved this book, a wonderful and thought provoking read and a fascinating insight into Indian life. More importantly, this is a tale of love, courage and great selflessness. At times I smiled, at time tears welled up. Another Love made me think about convention. I wish I had Anne’s strength. Christine
16 Oct 2021
Hi Anne, what a wonderful book - beautifully written - beautifully sequenced - what an amazing life you have had!!! Brilliant!!! Toni
08 Dec 2022
My 8 year old boy, Eric, took the book off his sister and is currently reading and loving the AFRICA book, having also written a synopsis for his class homework all about it. He thinks it’s fabulous. Taryn Bashford
08 Dec 2022
I love Hugo Blake’s story. What a beautiful ending – a little bit of magic. Your description, too, of the veldt and the solid darkness, just pitchy black and dense, was just as I remember it. Action Africa. It’s a terrific book. Congratulations Gillian Gutherie, ABC writer/journalist
08 Dec 2022
Action Africa - When our extremely reluctant male adolescent reader jumps in to finish your description of the story, and then recommends it to adults, you know it's a book worth reading. Hadla Trad, BA Education, MA Special Education. Current teacher NSW
08 Dec 2022
My son Jacob now wants to go to Africa. He’s on fire for the place. Well done, nothing else has ever moved him away from sci-fi. Reality at last. Rachel
08 Dec 2022
Hi Denise, Eleven-year-old Stephen read 'Action India' in a sitting & said "grandma is this writer going to write any more books?" Not bad for a mad keen Dr. Who fan Cheers, Jan
08 Dec 2022
Action Africa -A powerful and unusual book, told through a young boy's eyes. I found it very moving, partly because it has the authority of authenticity. The child-like style of the illustrations adds extra depth to the tales, which speak to young people. Congratulations
08 Dec 2022
I’ve had a quick look at Action India and like the way you have gone straight for the sensory /culture shock button ....the boys will love it, I’m sure. Geoff
08 Dec 2022
I've never been to India, but Denise's book gave me a wonderful glimpse into the warmth of the people and the visual spectacle of the landscape, all set against the brightly coloured chaos that is India.Deborah Abela (Children’s Author)
08 Dec 2022
My daughter’s teacher has seen Action India and wants copies of both books. She’s keen to introduce these to the school library and Principal. Colleen
08 Dec 2022
Action India - I love that it talks about stranger danger and about animals, and I’m secretly in love with Hugo. Are you writing more? Annabelle (13).
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Gavin Bollard
02 Jan 2023
I tried to take this book slowly to savour it but it was so good that I blazed my way through it in two days (and even then, only because I was required to stop reading for family time.) I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Born to Fly is an amazing and emotional story suitable for anyone who wants an uplifting read. It is a great treasure to give someone who has just received news about their child.’ Gavin Bollard (Author/Writer, Life with Aspergers Web Site)
Trevar Langlands, State President, Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc.
02 Jan 2023
Born to Fly is a most inspiring book and one which will enthral the reader. Trevar Langlands, State President, Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc.
Society of Women Writers NSW Inc.
02 Jan 2023
This intriguing story tells how a dedicated nanny, with exceptional knowledge, devotion and patience, brought a young boy out of the mists of an institution for “Mentally Defective Children” to being a happy, loving boy with many skills. Society of Women Writers NSW Inc.
Christiane Star
02 Jan 2023
Inspirational and informative, Born to Fly is the true story about a boy with autism and the mothercraft nurse who saved him. The author provides valuable insights for families and health professionals directly connected to autism. This easy-to-read book is a great resource for readers seeking to better understand the condition. Mary Ann Napper’s skillful writing paints a vivid picture of one boy’s journey. Ultimately though, it opens a window to the determination and resilience of the human spirit, especially when life’s challenges seem insurmountable. Christiane Star, Psychologist.
Lesley Roulston
02 Jan 2023
Born to Fly is a truly inspiring and uplifting read. The book is beautifully written and once picked up, simply can’t be put dow. Lesley Roulston, South Coast Style magazine.
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