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Action Africa
Thirteen year old Hugo and his family travel to East Africa for a holiday. Being leopard's prey, then host to a man-eating bug wasn't what he expected...then things got really interesting!

"My son Jacob now wants to go to Africa. He's on fire for the place. Well done, nothing else has ever moved him away from sci-fi. Reality at last." Rachel

"My 8 year old boy, Eric, took the book off his sister and is currently reading and loving the AFRICA book, having also written a synopsis for his class homework all about it. He thinks it's fabulous" Taryn Bashford

"When our extremely reluctant male adolescent reader jumps in to finish your description of the story, and then recommends it to adults, you know it's a book worth reading"
Hadla Trad, BA Education, MA Special Education. Current teacher NSW

"I love Hugo Blake's story. What a beautiful ending - a little bit of magic. Your description, too, of the veldt and the solid darkness, just pitchy black and dense, was just as I remember it. Action Africa. It's a terrific book. Congratulations." Gillian Gutherie..ABC writer/journalist

"a powerful and unusual book, told through a young boy's eyes. I found it very moving, partly because it has the authority of authenticity. The child-like style of the illustrations adds extra depth to the tales, which speak to young people. Congratulations." Dr. J. Delamoir, Senior Lecturer (Communications) CQUniversity
Action India
Travelling to India was new, was being lost, kidnapped...well almost. No matter what I did, trouble found me. And the elephant...unreal! You'd never believe that, so read it - it's true!
Hi Denise, Eleven-year-old Stephen read 'Action India' in a sitting & said "grandma is this writer going to write any more books?" Not bad for a mad keen Dr. Who fan. Cheers, Jan

I've never been to India, but Denise's book gave me a wonderful glimpse into the warmth of the people and the visual spectacle of the landscape, all set against the brightly coloured chaos that is India. Deborah Abela (Children's Author)

Hello Denise.
I've had a quick look at Action India and like the way you have gone straight for the sensory /culture shock button ....the boys will love it, I'm sure.
Regards, Geoff

"My daughter's teacher has seen Action India and wants copies of both books. She's keen to introduce these to the school library and Principal." Colleen.

"I love that it talks about stranger danger and about animals, and I'm secretly in love with Hugo. Are you writing more?" Annabelle (13).

Hi! I finished Action India at 8.20pm...(WA time) and was still moved by and thinking about the content this am! Great Read, Looking forward to "Action Australia" with John to join Hugo! Warmest regards David Hawkes (68). (ABC radio presenter in Perth, now retired) 2019
Action Australia
Holidays in the country I thought were boring., except for the horse and motorbike riding. But snakes that bite, not to mention cattle duffing and undiscovered caves, have changed my mind.
They are great, straight into the story, the way I like them, unputdownable, Bowden is now reading them and asked me to tell you that he loves them as well. I can't wait for the next one. Lyn Hoorigan

After reading your book 'Action Australia,' I have not stopped thinking about it. I can't wait to read your other two books and would love it if you could write a sequel to this one. So much unresolved suspense towards the end.
I also loved how the pictures were drawn by "Hugo" and how this book is suitable for all ages.
You are a great writer.
Ciara Poppleton 2017

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your new book. I got quite absorbed by the adventures even though the target age group is a few + decades younger than me. Rob Sims (documentary producer for WHO) 2021

I have now read the first three chapters of your great book. It's an absolute page turner. You write so well in kid style. Fantastic. I regretted having to put it down to do my emails, shower and go out. Well, what a fabulous read that was! Just finished it. These must be a big hit. I hope you have good connections with libraries now. Renee Goossens (Arts Patron), Sydney Opera House. 2022
Action Down Under
Caving is creepy but falling into an abyss is terrifying. This only happened after we'd escaped the fire. This one's a cliff-hanger.
I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are to write a book that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, gripped in anticipation, fear and curiosity and has you 'wowing' all the way through it. I want to buy it. The only thing I didn't like was how you all got stuck on the cliff. It was so scary! Teens love getting scared, they're going to love it. Ciara (13 years old)

I finished your book, Down Under: the best yet. I've given it to Rob now - told him it's a good read. Gillian 2022

Arthur and I have just finished reading your book. It's the best one in the series so far! Arthur particularly liked your bushfire description - he said it felt like he was there! I enjoyed the interactions between the three kids - awesome! We are disappointed that it is the last in the series - hope not. However, I am not sure if you could top this last one anyway? Good luck with the sales. I have a feeling it is going to do well. Mary Napper (Author)

I loved the way the author got inside the head of the protagonist, Hugo, and related as a teen. The issues are real to fourteen-year-olds and the insights are astute. I've followed the whole Action Series by D A Doraisamy and she knows her craft. Very realistic stories and they don't spare the danger involved in real situations. Don July 2021
Action in the Land of the Long White Cloud
Skiing is fun but can be dangerous Hugo discovers, when he makes his emergency decision to help Sarah survive.
Nothing could have prepared him for what happened as a consequence - nothing.

Action in the Land of the Long White Cloud is a poignant story of adventure, danger and misfortune. In the real world, situations perceived as fun, are fraught with adversity and the unexpected. Author, D A Doraisamy, is a sensitive and gifted story teller who gives a refreshing account of the determination and resilience of the human spirit when faced with emotional and physical adversity. This is an inspiring read for adults as well as teenagers. Mary Ann Napper, Author.

I loved the way the author got inside the head of the protagonist, Hugo, and related as a teen. The issues are real to fourteen-year-olds and the insights are astute. I've followed the whole Action Series by D A Doraisamy and she knows her craft. Very realistic stories and they don't spare the danger involved in real situations. I hope she keeps writing because even though I'm an adult, I'm a fan. Dennis from Dubbo.

I love this one. You've captured teen feelings and parental interaction so well.
This is so realistic it has me in self-reflection straight away. You can really express honesty so well. I applaud you.
P Noyer PhD

I have just finished your book. I read it in a single sitting! Great. Love the fact that Hugh was not miraculously free of any long-term injury. Had major surgery and had to learn to live with the consequences ….and DID.
An excellent read, thanks for sharing your wonderful story-telling with your readers.
David Hawkes WA.

This author is a great story teller whose genuine tone warms my 9 year olds heart, stimulates his mind and gives him a thrill. I love the very well rendered and believable emotions and attitudes of young Hugo. All five books, Action India, Action Africa, Action Down Under, Action Australia and Action in the Land of the Long White Cloud, are all exciting engaging books. And they save me when my story-telling skills fail me. Brenda 2020
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